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First Day in London, UK 2023

We were very lucky to have such a smooth trip to London this year--given the severe weather conditions in many parts of the country.  We met several students at Landmark for our shuttle trip to Logan airport in Boston, picked up a couple of students in Greenfield, MA, and met one student in London.  All students arrived on time and without any significant delay, baggage collection, or rail issue!  Thanks to Dani (Jay Pariser's mom) for this shot of us all at the airport!

After our arrival in London, we explored the neighborhood and toured Kensington Palace in Hyde Park before returning to check in to our hotel.  

Picture of Marion and Quinn in the Gardens of Kensington Palace with statue of the late Princess Diana in the background.  

Alicia, Quinn, and Ben back at the hotel before dinner.  Still awake, but barely....

Marion, Ben, Justin, Dr. Adrienne Major, and I linger after our first group meal to discuss some of the nuances of British/ American cultural, historical, and political differences.  We all managed to stay awake long enough to adjust to the time difference....  

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