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Norway spruce

Picea abies | Family: Pinaceae

submission: Chrissy McIntire



very short tiny green bits


very long, thin, and gray colored




rough textured small brown pines


rough texture and gray colored

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picture of leaves picture of bark picture of twigs picture of fruit picture of flowers


Natural History:


up to 400 years

General description—

This is the tallest of trees native to those northern parts of Europe, and it can also grow in the states too. (it will only live up to 200 years in the states) This tree was able to survive harsh winters for ages since the branches of this tree tend to droop, keeping off most of the snow.

Natural distribution and habitat—

Native to northern and central Europe.

Conservation status—

No serious threats, can only grow in the cold places of North America and Northern Europe.


Used as an ornamental tree.
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