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Studying in the Netherlands

Comparative Education  
(ED 2021 / ED 3021)

Prerequisites for ED 2021: EN 1011/1015, F.Y. Studies, 1000-level SS or ED (or permission of instructor)
Prerequisites for ED 3021: same as for ED2021 plus EN 1021 & 3 2000-level classes with a C or higher (or permission of instructor)

+/-May 20 - June 10, 2016
We expect this program to run again in summer 2018

Check out the Netherlands program blog. (Note: last year's Netherlands course was Methods of Cultural Field Study.)

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 Academic Director: Ann McCloskey   

Program Director: Peg Alden  

Primary goal: To explore the historical, cultural, political, and economic forces that shape educational issues

  • Study in the picturesque town of Leiden (a small, historically and culturally rich university town near Amsterdam)
  • Live in Webster University suites overlooking the harbor and windmills
  • Gain firsthand experience of Dutch culture via an in-depth exploration of education in The Netherlands
  • Enjoy day excursions such as rowing along the canals, walking tours of Amsterdam, & biking to the North Sea
  • Visit local schools in order to compare cultural difference in educational access and opportunity (including for students who learn differently)

Special considerations:

  • No real language barrier as most Dutch speak fluent English
  • Biking competency important for some outings but alternative transportation possible

Syllabus for ED 2021

Syllabus for ED 3021


Country Handbook

Travel Information

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Cost for the trip is $6,000 and includes:

  • 3-credit course
  • Group flights
  • In-country transportation
  • Field trips and housing
  • Some group meals
  • Price does not include individual spending money
  • Limited financial aid is available; contact Michael Mertes, Director of Financial Aid.
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