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All courses are now offered online for the remainder of the Spring 2020 semester. Based on the emerging knowledge of coronavirus spread and edicts related to social distancing, we have no choice but to have students remain at home for the remainder of the semester. We must do this to ensure safety of all students and our community. Please check our Coronavirus Response page for up-to-date information.

High School Summer Online Dual Enrollment Program

Support college preparedness and transition while earning college credit.

Are you looking for ways to engage the disengaged high school student over the summer, while helping them earn college credit? Our online dual enrollment course can help your high school student build the self-confidence and independent study skills that lead to academic success.

Summer Courses 2019

Perspectives in Learning | Jul 8 – Aug 9

This course is designed to foster self-awareness, critical thinking, strategic learning, and self-advocacy skills in preparation for college. Students learn the tools for self-reflection, metacognitive awareness (learning about one’s own learning), and critical thinking for college-level academics and study skills.
3 college credits; $1,000 tuition

More about Summer Online Dual Enrollment

  • Courses are taught by trained instructors who understand executive function challenges.
  • Each course includes an online liaison who is there to help students navigate, communicate, and participate online.
  • Qualified students should meet the following criteria, as verified by a parent/guardian:
    • Currently a rising junior, senior, or year 13 student in a high school or a homeschool setting
    • Have learning difficulties primarily due to LD, ADHD, and/or ASD
    • Enrolled in college prep level course(s)
    • Have the ability to manage the pace and responsibilities of college prep level work

*Please note: to participate in an online course, students must have access to a laptop or desktop computer with broadband internet through a modern web browser, such as Chrome, Firefox, or Safari. Our online platform (Canvas) does not work well with Microsoft Internet Explorer, now called Edge. Up-to-date Flash, Java plug-ins, and anti-virus software should be installed, with permission to add additional plug-ins or class software as needed. Students must be able to commit 3 – 4 hours daily to fully participate.

For more information or to apply, contact:

Tabitha Mancini
Director of Customer Relations & Outreach, Online Education and Learning

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