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Online Dual Enrollment Scholarships

The Landmark College Online Dual Enrollment program is honored to offer financial need-based course scholarships due to the generosity of the Clara Freshour Nelson Foundation. Scholarships are awarded at 100% of the cost for one course.

How to Apply

  1. Fill out the Financial Aid Application
  2. Complete the Online Dual Enrollment Student Application including the personal statement as outlined below.
  3. Submit both the Financial Aid Application and the Online Dual Enrollment Student Application forms to

Criteria Used in Selecting Scholarship Recipients

  • Demonstrated financial need. You or your school is able to provide little to no funding for these courses.
  • Ability to demonstrate, through the personal statement on the course application form, how the course will have an impact on you, your educational goals, and any financial barriers that impacts your ability to pay for courses.
  • Commitment to complete the entire course and adhere to the expressed student expectations listed on the course application form.
  • Willingness to provide program feedback to Landmark College.

When to Apply

  • Scholarships are limited and applicants should consider applying as soon as possible.
  • Applications are on a rolling basis and case-by-case. Both families and schools are encouraged to apply.
  • Students are able to reapply and be awarded up to two times (2 courses).
  • Scholarships awarded to schools are limited to 3 per school and must meet the outlined criteria for each student for which the scholarship is being sought.

About the Clara Freshour Nelson Foundation (CFN)

Established in 1990, the Clara Freshour Nelson Foundation has helped hundreds of college students with financial need pursue their education goals. Elizabeth Nelson, a trustee for the Clara Freshour Nelson Foundation says, “we are happy to partner with Landmark College,” and she states, “Landmark College is truly student-centered in its approach to education, and is an institution committed to empowering students to reach and exceed their personal aspirations.”

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