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by Dylan Basora—Kennelly

The immortal entity tried to render.

Life into existence, but it was forbidden

It was clearly told in the tomes.

Even this entity was subject

To the laws which upset

it, which lead it to conquer.


In the entities rage it conquered

the universe and decided to finish rendering

life into the universe upsetting

the balance, which is why it was forbidden.

The entity brought its new subjects

into the fray, so as it was written in the tomes.


The ancients had written in the tome,

saying that to conquer

would leave the entity subject

to whatever punishment the ancients rendered

for the its forbidden

actions that upset


the natural order which upset

the ancients.  The tome

granted the ancients with the forbidden

ability to conquer

the immortal entity by rendering

the entity as mortal as its subjects.


The mortality of the entity leads its subjects

to rebel for it had upset

the natural order.  They then rendered

their own judgment not obeying the tomes

based on how the entity conquered.

It was decided to decapitate it for its forbidden


actions.  Although what the entity had done was forbidden,

the ancients asked that the subjects

be less severe because the entity had already been punished for conquering,

but they had been too upset

to be reasoned with so they burned the tome

and decided to render.


A new society made the ancients forbidden and with that they rendered.

A new society run by the subjects that did not follow the tomes.

They only appose those who conquer and the ancients that were upset.

Originally published in Spring 2020, Volume 1, Issue 3

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