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High School Online Dual Enrollment Program

Discover how Landmark College's High School Online Dual Enrollment courses can give your students a head start in college. 

Are you a school administrator, guidance counselor, or instructor looking for ways to make college transition a smooth and positive experience for your students who learn differently?

Our unique online dual enrollment model helps students acquire college-level knowledge while learning independent skills for college success.

  • Online courses are taught by trained Landmark College faculty who understand executive function issues and other learning challenges.
  • Online faculty work closely with a school liaison onsite to ensure students have the requisite support and accessibility for an online learning environment.
  • Online faculty hold virtual office hours to allow students to speak one-on-one with the professor.
  • Small class size helps customize the learning environment and make it personal.
  • Online instruction is integrated with college-level study skills and learning strategies. 

Which students benefit from taking high school dual enrollment?

  • Students enrolled in a “transition to college” track in high school who are seeking College Prep and First Year Seminar courses
  • Year 13 or “Gap Year” students
  • Students seeking college credits while in high school
  • Students interested in exploring targeted courses of interest
  • Rising juniors and seniors interested in short-term summer programs

What types of courses are offered under the LC dual enrollment program?

Examples of LC dual enrollment courses include:

  • Introduction of Public Speaking (CO1071)
  • Introduction to Communication (CO1011)
  • Introduction to Computer Applications (CS1101)
  • Perspectives in Learning (FY1011)

How does the LC dual enrollment model support students with executive function challenges?

The dual enrollment program includes dedicated time during the school day for students to meet with an onsite school liaison who ensures that students understand navigation within a digital environment. The liaison works closely with the students to clarify technical and procedural hurdles that students typically have to resolve on their own in college. They learn about the accessibility of the Learning Management System (LMS) (in this case, Canvas), as well as netiquette and online accommodations. Students learn how to participate in synchronous and asynchronous discussions and learn about the multiple affordances of online learning in supporting individual needs, such as frequent communication with instructor via digital means, interacting with an online learning community of peers, add-on tech-based applications, and other supports for time management, organization, and self-regulation.

Why Landmark College?

Landmark College is a recognized international leader in the integration of Universal Design approaches with new understanding of neurodiversity. We understand the strengths and challenges of students who learn differently, including students with learning disabilities (such as dyslexia), ADHD, and autism spectrum disorder. Landmark College’s teaching practices are informed by the expertise of its faculty and Landmark College Institute for Research and Training (LCIRT) researchers, who work closely with educators at every grade level, within school districts and colleges nationwide, to inform our pedagogies and practices.

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