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Physical Education

The Landmark College physical education department offers skill-based physical education courses in the following six movement genres: sport skills, equestrian, martial arts, yoga/mind-body, fitness, and outdoor recreation. A diverse roster of course offerings aims to engage and challenge students at various levels of athletic interest and ability.

Setting itself apart from other post-secondary instructional physical activity programs in the United States, Landmark College’s physical education department specializes in crafting and implementing universally designed learning environments through curricular offerings, teaching practices, and assessment methods designed to support students with unique learning needs.

Aligned with Landmark College’s general education goals and physical education benchmarks set by the National Association for Sport and Physical Education (NASPE), course content is designed to a) contribute to students’ cognitive, affective, and psychomotor development during their time at Landmark College and b) develop physically educated students who have the skills and knowledge to participate in health-enhancing physical activity through the lifespan.

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Headshot of Todd MillerTodd Miller
Physical Education Coordinator, Physical Education Department

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