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Fine & Performing Arts

The Fine and Performing Arts Department offers a rich variety of 1000- and 2000-level courses. These courses provide the student with ample opportunities for the exploration of a variety of topics both in the traditional studio arts as well as in contemporary digital media and cultural studies. Landmark College has superb facilities for the study of ceramics, black & white photography, graphics, digital photography, electronic music, and video art. All art courses are taught by seasoned artists and musicians, effectively mentoring students into the histories and contemporary expressions of a particular medium.

Art courses foster the practice of critical thinking and self-expression through an integrated mind/body approach to learning. This approach has consistently proven to be successful in addressing the needs of students with learning differences. The Art Department believes that learning differences must be acknowledged as an integral part of the human condition, and that Universal Design principles should guide all of our pedagogic efforts.

In Art courses, the student learns to:

  • Interpret and evaluate art from a variety of aesthetic, critical, and historical approaches
  • Understand the role of art in contemporary culture
  • Work with the fundamental components, skills, and operations of the particular medium being studied
  • Take a process-oriented approach to learning

You may count up to three one-credit art courses toward your graduation requirements.

Learn more about our Fine and Performing Arts faculty

Learn about our Bachelor of Arts degree in Studio Art:


Fine and Performing Arts Department Award

The Academic Art Award is given each year to a student who has excelled in a variety of art courses and has not only demonstrated talent but also discipline and commitment to a path of growth and development in the arts. This student generally has been instrumental in creating an atmosphere of intellectual curiosity in the classroom and has proven to be generous and supportive of other students’ work.

Fine Arts Gallery Weekend Hours

Saturday 1:00 - 6:00 p.m.
Sunday 1:00 - 11:00 p.m.


Humberto Ramirez
Fine Arts Gallery Director and Professor




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