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The Education department provides robust course offerings in Education at all levels, and focuses on the theoretical, philosophical, experiential, and socio cultural dimensions of education. The foundational courses support all Landmark College students in navigating academic, social, and related challenges in making a successful transition to college.

Our curriculum integrates educational experiences and knowledge that nurture our students’ understanding of their own learning and of their individual process, including academic strengths and challenges. We accomplish this from our deeply rooted philosophy of effective teaching derived from research on the learning brain, LD, ADHD, and current educational theory and practice.

In addition to introductory courses, upper-level education courses from the 2000 to the 4000 level are also available, and students can choose an Education concentration or a minor in Education. 

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Department Awards

First-Year Award       

This award is given to the student who is:

  • Developing knowledge of self as a learner
  • Able to think critically about course content
  • Able to accurately evaluate one’s own strengths and challenges and develop goals based on that self-knowledge
  • Demonstrating persistence and resiliency
  • Able to learn from past mistakes
  • Seeking and using feedback from faculty and peers
  • Seeking and using appropriate resources on and off campus
  • Experimenting with strategies, and sincerely testing to find out what works

Robert Gunther-Mohr in classroom

Rob Gunther-Mohr Memorial Award

Given in memory of Rob Gunther-Mohr, founding faculty member and beloved teacher and colleague, to the student who best exhibits independent critical judgment, a love of reading and ideas, and an abiding compassion for others.

Education Award

To the student who has earned strong grades in at least three Education department courses at Landmark, and who demonstrates a strong interest in and deep understanding of Education course content while serving as a role model for other students. 


Headshot of Debbie Gassaway-HaywardDebbie Gassaway-Hayward
Chair, Education Department

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