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Communication & World Languages

Communication and World Languages faculty instruct and support students to learn and apply communication skills and theories. We introduce students to the field of communications and to the opportunities for competent communication in personal and professional settings. By the modeling and practice of communication skills, we promote our students' ability to express themselves clearly, to listen actively, to think critically, to discuss academic material thoughtfully, to present ideas and information effectively, and to advocate for themselves competently.

In World Languages courses, we strive to give students a positive language learning experience and to encourage them to use the target language beyond the school setting for personal and professional enrichment. Using best practices in teaching world languages to students with learning differences, instructors design courses to draw on student strengths and provide the kind of individualized support and strategies that will make language learning a successful experience. A variety of courses reflecting different processing strengths (oral/auditory, visual, kinesthetic, analytical) offer opportunities for students to develop a strong foundation on which to meet language requirements at four-year colleges.

"Words cannot express my gratitude for everything you and the Landmark community have done for my son!  We are blessed to be guided by such thoughtful, amazing educators!!!!"

--a Landmark College parent, on being told her son had written a poem in French and won a department award for excellence

Students pursuing an associate degree may choose an academic concentration in Communication or Media Studies.

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Department Awards

The Communication and World Languages Department Award goes to the student who has excelled in the development of communications skills in the context of academic work as demonstrated by initiative, progress, attitude, diligence, and achievement of course objectives.

Headshot of Dianne Wood

The Dianne Wood Communications Award goes to the student who has not only excelled academically in communications, but who has also gone beyond and applied these skills to transform personally, thereby contributing to the college community as a whole.




Geoff Burgess
Chair, Communication and World Languages Department

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