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Tamara Stenn

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Assistant Professor of Professional Studies/Faculty Advisor for LEAP - Landmark Entrepreneurship Accelerator Program

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PHONE: 802-387-6767

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Dr. Tamara Stenn is an economist, social enterprise developer, author, researcher, Professional Studies faculty, and coordinator of the Landmark College Entrepreneurship Accelerator Program (LEAP) at Landmark College - a school that specializes in teaching students with Learning Differences.

Tamara is the founder of the Sustainability Lens Game, an inclusive, engaging way to build more fun, innovation, and resistance into any organization. She completed a 3-year Fulbright study on the well-being of Bolivia's women quinoa growers (2015-2018). Together with the producers studied, Tamara founded A Perfect Seed, Inc. a farmer-run cooperative that specialized in Royal Quinoa seed varieties. She is also presenting and publishing papers and book chapters analyzing the experience of management and economics disciplines.

She authored the text, Social Entrepreneurship as Sustainability, introducing the “Sustainability Lens” (Springer, 2017) which creates new ways for entrepreneurs to approach business development. Tamara also wrote The Cultural and Political Intersection of Fair Trade and Justice, Managing a Global Industry (Palgrave, Sept. 2013) a book that critically examines Fair Trade, handicrafts and coffee, women’s leadership, and development economics, and has classroom exercises at the end of each chapter.

Lastly, Tamara was the founder and CEO of KUSIKUY, an eco-fashion brand of hand-knit Bolivian alpaca clothing that for 20 years used FairTrade methods to create sustainable livelihoods for Bolivia's indigenous women. In her free time, Tamara enjoys yoga, adventure travel, swimming, the outdoors, and relaxing with family and friends. Hablo Espanol!


Doctor of Arts (DA), Leadership - Franklin Pierce University, Concord, NH - June 2011

  • Discipline: Management and Economics
  • Dissertation: Comercio Justo and Justice: An Examination of Fair Trade and its Effect

Master’s in interdisciplinary and International Management (MIIM) - School for International Training, Brattleboro, VT - June 2000

  • Concentration: Training and Sustainable Development
  • Capstone: The Small Training Department: How is an employee-driven training department formed in a time of urgent need?

Bachelor of Science in Journalism - University of Maryland, College Park, MD - December 1988

  • Major: Advertising
  • Minor: Psychology

Certificate in Learning Differences (LD) and Neurodiversity - Landmark College, Putney, VT January 2021

  • Capstone Focus: Motivation - Specialization in Executive Function

Certified Global Trainer - Development Dimensions International, Burlington, VT - May 2006

Business Development and Spanish Language Training Graduate - Peace Corps, Bolivia 1999



• Stenn, T, Ballesteros-Sola, M. & Kandade, K. (2022). A Perfect Seed: Developing a Sustainable Quinoa Market for Social Impact. Case Research Journal.

• Stenn, T. (2022). Harnessing Andean spirituality and entrepreneurship. In Pavlovich, K. & Markman, G. (Ed.), Vol. 3: Spirituality, entrepreneurship and social change. World Scientific Encyclopedia of Business Sustainability, Ethics and Entrepreneurship. World Scientific Publishing.

• Stenn, T., Coplan, J., Lalor, A., & Osterholt, D. (2022). Chapter 11: Managing neurodiversity inclusion in today's entrepreneurial-styled workplace. Managing for Social Justice:Harnessing Management Theory and Practice for Collective Well-Being. Palgrave-Macmillan.

• Stenn, T., Lalor, A., & Osterholt, D. (2022). Chapter: Activating Entrepreneurial Mindsets in Neodiverse Students through an Integrated Universal Education Pedagogy. Volume 23 of Advances in Entrepreneurship, Firm Emergence and Growth. Emerald Publishing.

• Stenn, T. (2021). Andean enterprises: a case study of Bolivia’s Royal Quinoa entrepreneurs. In Colbourne, R. (Ed.), Indigenous Wellbeing and Enterprise; Self- Determination and Sustainable Economic Development. Routledge.

• Stenn, T. (2021). Social, Economic and Environmental Sustainability in the Bolivian Andes, a Quechua/Aymara Perspective from the Royal Quinoa fields. In Spee, J., McMurray, A., & MacMillan, M. (Ed.), The Handbook of Clan and Tribal Perspectives on Social, Economic and Environmental Sustainability. Emerald Publishing.

• Koskoris, J., Lampard Dennis, S., Landin, J., Osterholt, D., & Stenn, T. (2020). Inclusive Business Education: Teaching Appropriate and Relevant Professional Best Practices in Neurodiverse Classrooms and Workplaces. In Innovating in Teaching Enterprise, Business, and Management in Higher Education. Coventry University, UK.

• Stenn, T. (2017). Social Entrepreneurship as Sustainable Development. Palgrave Macmillan Press.

• Stenn, T. (2013). The Cultural and Political Intersection of Fair Trade and Justice, Managing a Global Industry. Palgrave Macmillan Press.


• Pavlovich, K., Bento, R., Manoratne, S., Stenn, T., et al. (July, 2021) Symposium: Spirituality, Entrepreneurship and Social Change. Presentation: Harnessing Andean Spirituality to Improve Entrepreneurship Outcomes. Academy of Management Annual Meeting.

• Stenn, T., Coplan, J., Landin, J. & Crocker, L. (2021). Building Supportive, Inclusive Workplaces Where Neurodivergent Thinkers Thrive: Approaches in Managing Diversity, Inclusion, and Building Entrepreneurship in the Workplace. SAM Advanced Management Journal. Vol. 86 Edition 1. P. 21-31.

• Stenn, T. (2020). Measuring Sustainability: Using the Capabilities Approach in Sustainable Development Assessment. Journal of Social Sciences. Universidad de Palermo. Argentina.

• Coplan, J., Crocker, L., Landin, J. & Stenn, T (2020) Using self-guided, team based, management to create workplaces and organizations that are more democratic and inclusive thus furthering social justice. Society for Advancement of Management Journal.

• Stenn, T. (2019). Building social enterprises with the Sustainability Lens. Journal of Strategic Innovation and Sustainability. North American Business Press. Vol. 14(3).

• Stenn, T. (2017). The Fair Trade difference: how education and democracy grow well-being in Bolivia’s quinoa trade. Journal of Human Development and Capabilities. (Pending)

• Stenn, T. (January 2015). Examining the Gaps in Justice and Well-Being for Fair Trade Women Across Industries. Global Journals Incorporated, GJHSS, Vol. 14, Issue 6, version 1.0.

• Stenn, T. (December 2013). Comercio Justo and Justice: An examination of Fair Trade. Review of Radical Political Economics, Vol. 45 Issue 4. pp. 483 - 494.

• Stenn, T. (May 2013). Fair enough? Fair Trade and the quality of life amongst Bolivia’s indigenous women artisans. Development in Practice, Vol. 23, Issue 3, pp. 372-388.



• Stenn, T. (March 2019). When Fair Trade is not enough: the Bolivian quinoa journey. Landmark College Academic Speaker Series.

• Stenn, T. (February 2019). Workshop: Dream Your Start-up: Build a Business. Northern Vermont University Leadership Conference.

• Stenn, T. (February 2018). Workshop: The 7 stages of entrepreneurship. Lyndon state.

• Stenn, T. (November 2017). Presented at the Landmark College Brown Bag Lunch Series: Entrepreneurship and Design thinking.

• Stenn, T (Fall 2017, Spring 2019). Hosted workshops on Entrepreneurship during parent weekend visits.


• Stenn, T., Osterholt, D. & Dennis, S. (May 2022). Workshop: Quantifying reflection and applied learning - Assessing the experience. Tufts-NEFDC Teaching Conference. Online.

• Pavlovich, K., Bento, R., Manoratne, S., Stenn, T., et al. (July 2021) Spirituality, entrepreneurship and social change. Academy of Management Annual Meeting Symposium.

• Stenn, T. (March 2021). Three Entrepreneurship Myths. Spring Institute of Abilities. Royal Holloway University of London.

• Stenn, T. (October 2020). A Perfect Seed, Inc. in 2020 – Building a Sustainable Enterprise, Case Study. North American Case Research Association (NACRA) 2020 Annual Meeting.

• Stenn, T. (October 2020). Playing the Sustainability Lens. North American Simulation and Gaming Association (NASAGA) Annual Conference. Ontario, Canada.

• Stenn, T. (September 2020). Sustainability, the circular economy, and new business models: Introducing the Sustainability Lens. Social Entrepreneurship Summit 2020. Ecuador.

• Anderson, R., Colbourne, R., Hooi Chan, J., Lertzman, D., Parhankangas, A., Qi, X., Salem, A. & Stenn, T. (August 2020). Broadening our Sight (Site): Indigenous economic development and well-being. Academy of Management Annual Meeting. Canada.

• Coplan, J., Crocker, L., & Stenn, T (August 2020). Using self-guided, team based, management to create workplaces and organizations that are more democratic and inclusive thus furthering social justice. Panel Discussion. The New School. NY.

• Stenn, T. (August 2020). Quantify and compare B-Corps’ impacts while building sustainability and opportunities. 2020 Global B Academics Paper Development Workshop. Online.

• Stenn, T. (July 2020). The Sustainably Lens: Building resilient, fun, innovative enterprises that work. Workshop and Ted Talk. Institute of Business Administration Online Entrepreneurship Program. Karachi, Pakistan.

• Stenn, T. (March 2020). A live case study challenge: Build Fair Trade Royal Quinoa markets. Fair Trade Campaigns National Conference. Pasadena, CA.

• Stenn, T. (October 2019). Quinoa Start-up Case Study: A study in markets, development, competition, and the commodification of native foods. Paul R. Lawrence Fellowship recipient. North American Case Research Association (NACRA) 2019 Annual Meeting. Tempe, AZ.

• Stenn, T. (2019). Measuring Sustainability: Using the Capabilities Approach in Sustainable Development Assessment. Thematic Panel: Connecting participatory methods and capability approach. Human Development Capabilities Approach (HDCA) Conference. London.

• Stenn, T. (March 2017). 18th Annual Social Entrepreneurship Conference (SECON). Guest Speaker: Business models for Sustainability. Harvard University, MA.

• Stenn, T. (February 2017). Workshop: Es justo? A dos anos del studio de la produccion de la quinoa real y el bienestar de la mujer Andina. Catholic University. La Paz, Bolivia.

• Stenn, T. (November 2016). NEFDC Fall Conference. Leadership & teambuilding in semester-long service learning projects. Worcester, MA.

• Stenn, T. (September 2015). Human Development & Capability Association (HDCA) Annual Meeting. Unlocking the secrets of quinoa: A comparative study of Andean women quinoa producers. Washington, DC.

• Stenn, T. (January 2015) ASE Annual Meeting, IAFFE session. Examining the Gaps in Justice and Well-Being for Fair Trade Women Across Industries. Boston, MA.

• Stenn, T. (November 2014) NECLAS – New England Council of Latin American Studies. Exploring the Justice of Living Well. Connecticut College, CT.

• Stenn, T. (October 2014) Annual NASAGA Conference. Building Resilience Through Collaboration. Baltimore, MD.

• Stenn, T. (November 2013) Eighth Biannual Symposium, Finding Your Place in the Evolving Commons. Suma Qamana – Living the Good Life, Sustainably. Keene State College, Keene, NH.

• Stenn, T. (October 2013) Annual NASAGA Conference. Play Talking Stick – for empowerment and connection. Sarasota, FL.

• Stenn, T. (June 2013) Slow Living Summit, Sumaq Qamana – living sustainably the Andean way. Brattleboro, VT.

• Stenn. T. (May 2013) Fair Trade Federation Annual Meeting, Engaging students and communities in Fair Trade. Raleigh NC.

• Stenn, T. (October 2012) NECLAS – New England Council of Latin American Studies. Fair Trade and indigenous women’s empowerment. Yale University, CT.

• Stenn, T. (January 2012) ASSA – International Association of Feminist Economics, Comercio Justo and Justice: An examination of Fair Trade and its impact on indigenous women and the family. Chicago, IL.

• Stenn, T. (January 2012) ASSA – Heterodox International Economics, The effects of Fair Trade on indigenous Bolivian women. Chicago, IL.

• Stenn, T., Laime, E., Walsh, M., O’Loughlin, A., & Bumsted, K. (November 2011) Keene State College Symposium 2011: What Sustains Us? Envisioning Our Future. Keene, NH.

• Laime, E. and Stenn, T. (November 2011) Antioch Fair Trade Symposium. Keene, NH

• Stenn, T. (November 2011) Southern Economics Association, 81st Annual National Meeting. Washington, DC.

• Stenn, T. (November 2011) International Confederation of Associations for Pluralism in Economics. Re-thinking economics in a time of economic distress. Amherst, MA.

• Stenn, T. (October 2011) International Forum on the Social and Solidarity Economy. Poster Presentation, Fair Trade and its effect on indigenous women artisans. Montreal, Canada.

• Stenn, T. (May 2011) The Sixth Forum of the World Association for Political Economy Responses to Capitalist Crisis: Neoliberalism and Beyond, Amherst, MA. 


Vermont Arts Council, Digital Capacity Grant – Summer 2022. Wrote and received a $6,000 grant to improve the online presence and accessibility of the Windham World Affairs Council.

Charles Koch Foundation Supporting Postsecondary Education– Fall 2020. Wrote, received and managed $58,000 grant for creating research, study, corporate-academic networks, and conferences about neurodiversity, innovational and the workplace.

Charles Koch Foundation Entrepreneurship Development Award – Fall 2020. Wrote, received, and managed $38,000 grant for improving and expanding student entrepreneurship activities and jobs on campus.

Paul R. Lawrence Fellowship, Case Research Foundation – Fall 2020. Received a $2,000 stipend to travel to the annual meeting for the North American Case Research Association and receive training in case research, writing, and teaching.

ENACTUS – Best Buys Innovation Grant. Fall 2020. Wrote, received, and managed $2,500 grant for Landmark College Entrepreneurship students to create an innovative enterprise by February 2021.

Charles Koch Foundation Entrepreneurship Development Award – Fall 2019. Wrote, received, and managed $35,000 grant for improving and expanding student entrepreneurship activities and jobs on campus.

ENACTUS – Unilever Challenge Grant. Fall 2018. Wrote, received, and managed $1,500 grant for Landmark College Entrepreneurship students to create a solution to food waste.

US Fulbright Scholar - Bolivia March 2015 - August 2018

• Received a $28,000 Research Grant for a three-year study: Gender and Sustainable Development in Bolivia.

• Collected and analyzed data in three languages from 18 remote sites and more than 500 participants through interviews, participation, and observation.

• Authored paper about my research methodology. Paper was selected to be presented at the HDCA 2019 Conference and published in the HDCA journal.

• Invited to be a Fellow on the Circles of Sustainability Project in Australia - collaborating with a team of social scientists and sustainable development specialists focused on the UN SDGs. 


Academic Interests

Learning and Inclusion (pedagogy) for neurodivergent students.

Development economics.

Indigenous people and sustainable development.

Entrepreneurship - start-ups and social/economic impact.

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