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Andrew Stein

Andrew Stein headshot

Assistant Professor

EMAIL: .(JavaScript must be enabled to view this email address)
PHONE: 802-387-1607

STEM 215


Dr. Andrew Stein has always been interested helping people and wildlife. Through his studies in the biological sciences, he gravitated towards those projects that had a human element to a conservation issue. His experience includes the field of fisheries (by-catch and marine distribution of Atlantic and shortnose sturgeon), birds (nesting success of grassland and shrub land birds in power line clear cuts), and large mammals in America (assisted on a moose project in western Massachusetts) and Africa (large carnivore studies in East and southern Africa). Andrew has spent 8 years working on large carnivores in Africa. His research has primarily taken place outside of the national parks, working with communal and commercial farming communities to develop conservation initiatives that protect wildlife and the livelihoods of local people. Andrew completed his Ph.D. at UMass Amherst in 2008, focusing on the ecology and conservation of leopards on Namibian commercial farms. He then moved to Botswana as a post-doctoral fellow and field research coordinator for the Botswana Predator Conservation Trust, studying the ecology of lions, leopards, cheetahs, spotted hyenas, and African wild dogs. He has recently shifted from research and field training to teaching. He is passionate about exploring concepts of biology and conservation biology in the classroom and in the field. He hopes to start a small research program here at Landmark College to look at the mammals of southern Vermont.


Ph.D., Wildlife and Fisheries Conservation, University of Massachusetts

M.S., Wildlife and Fisheries Conservation, University of Massachusetts

B.S., Zoology, Connecticut College

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