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Abigail Littlefield

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EMAIL: .(JavaScript must be enabled to view this email address)
PHONE: 802-387-1629

STEM 202


Abigail Littlefield was diagnosed with dyslexia in the ninth grade, which in 1975 was a relatively new phenomenon. As a result of her struggles with the mechanics of reading, academics were never her favorite. What she did love was spending every free moment wandering and exploring in the woods. It soon became clear that her curiosity about the natural world was going to necessitate further academic study, regardless of what her feelings about school might have been, the motivation to learn about all living things was a strong driving force.

Littlefield states, “There was/is no silver bullet that 'cured' my dyslexia. It is still a constant in my life. And something I would not give up for anything. I have learned that my dyslexia gives me a particular view of life that isn’t always the typical one. I think people that 'learn differently' are the most creative, innovative and exciting folks around and I love to spend my days working with them.”  

Littlefield continues to explore nature and to introduce other learners who may be struggling with conventional education to the wonders of the natural world. She lives on a small farm in Westminster West with her partner and their five Labrador retrievers, where they raise chickens, honey bees, and organic vegetables.


M.A.T., Teaching Using Internet Technologies, The Graduate Center, Marlboro College

M.S., Environmental Studies, Antioch New England Graduate School

B.A., Human Ecology, College of the Atlantic

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