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Dear Friends,

Dr. Brent Betit smiling.
As a staff founder of Landmark College, I’ve witnessed an organizational journey that many considered impossible: creating a new college with a specialized mission and no blueprint required extraordinary courage, commitment and hard work, and because of that journey I have had the pleasure and honor of working with some of the finest professionals in the field as they literally invented a new, successful approach   to teaching and learning. Our visionary founder, Dr. Charles “Chad” Drake, purchased what was a derelict, closed campus with a vision  and a dream: establishing the world’s first college for students with learning differences. My colleagues and friends have realized and shaped that dream, turning vision into reality.

From that first class of 77 students, Landmark College has grown in many dimensions — reclaiming the entire campus and its buildings, developing new facilities to support student needs (always with the support and leadership of our donor community), building a world-renowned curriculum and program and touching the lives of thousands of deserving young adults. The pebble that Chad Drake threw in a
small pool in Vermont has become a tidal wave of success covering the continents.

As you visit these pages, keep in mind that Landmark College is all about success: we expect success and we’ve built a program that has all the elements needed to support each student’s individual journey to success.

I hope your journey brings you, at some point, to my office, and I look forward to greeting and welcoming you to one of the most extraordinary colleges on the planet.

With warm regards,


Brent E. Betit, Ed.D.


Landmark College Mission Statement (PDF, 142KB)

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Office of the Senior Vice President