Alumni Advisory Board

The Alumni Advisory Board (AAB) provides counsel, advice and recommendations on matters concerning Landmark College and its alumni body.

Each member of the Alumni Advisory Board actively supports the work of the Institutional Advancement Office’s alumni relations efforts in the following manner:

  • Meet on an annual basis with the Board of Trustees to engage in discussion and provide feedback on strategic matters.
  • Meet as a group on an annual basis with periodic teleconferences following Board meetings and/or when deemed to be appropriate by the AAB or the President.
  • Members of the Alumni Advisory Board participate in the College’s Annual Fund Campaign and encourage fellow Landmark Alumni to do likewise.
  • Nominate those members who are ready to undertake the responsibilities and obligations of Board membership to the Board’s Committee on Trustees.
  • Serve as mentors to current and former Landmark College students either through on-campus participation in meetings, formally or informally, or networking once students leave the campus and move on to other educational or vocational pursuits.
  • Host or co-host regional alumni events in conjunction with the Office of Institutional Advancement’s alumni outreach efforts.
  • Work to solicit funds for the Alumni Scholarship Endowment Fund.

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