Our Academic Values

Landmark College is a collaborative and rigorous educational community, fully committed to serving students who learn differently.

Our commitment to mission, experience, research, reflection, and dissemination in the process of teaching, learning, and support for students are core values in the work of faculty and staff.

  • We consider students our partners in learning.
  • We value their wholeness, humanity, and resourcefulness.
  • We embrace the strengths and challenges they bring to their learning and our teaching.
  • We care about students as individuals, working in groups and one-on-one so students can reach their greatest academic potential.

The Philosophy Behind Our Curriculum

Landmark College's academic degrees set high standards for academic performance, allowing graduates to complete a bachelor's degree at Landmark College or to transfer to colleges of their choice — and succeed. Our programs prepare students for careers as well as for further education. The College's general education goals and curriculum create opportunities for students to develop and practice academic skills and strategies in a way that builds from semester to semester. We believe in presenting high expectations while operating at the level where each student is prepared to learn and succeed.

Points of Entry

Our students are intelligent and have great potential, but some are not yet ready for college-level coursework. Placement testing helps determine the best starting point for each student. 

Learn more about Landmark Points of Entry.

Degree Options and Programs

Students who graduate from Landmark College earn an accredited Associate of Arts (A.A.), Associate of Science (A.S.) or a Bachelor of Arts (B.A.) degree. Students can choose from degree tracks in General Studies, Liberal Arts, Business Studies, Business Administration, as well as from our three new degree programs, which began in Fall of 2012:

  • A.S. in Life Sciences
  • A.S. in Computer Science/Gaming
  • B.A. in Liberal Studies

Learn more about our Degree and Credit Options.

Summer Programs

Landmark offers a variety of Summer Programs to help students discover and practice academic skills and strategies that improve their ability to learn. Students are not required to have a diagnosed learning disability to participate in summer programs.

  • Our High School Summer Program teaches rising juniors and seniors skills they can apply in high school, including formal instruction in assistive technology.
  • Our Transition-to-College Program prepares recent high school graduates for their all-important first semester in college.
  • Visiting college students can earn up to six credits during the Summer Term while developing effective learning skills and strategies they can apply at their college.

Learn more about Landmark Summer Programs.

We Welcome International Students

As the first college in the world exclusively for students with learning differences, our aim is to improve the experience of students who learn differently regardless of their nationality. In this spirit, Landmark College welcomes international students to its programs. We currently have students from North America, South America, Europe, Asia, Australia and have had recent students from Africa. Our graduates go on to inform and improve the many and varied programs they attend after Landmark, and our hope is that they will become leaders in a new understanding of learning differences in what ever community they inevitably settle.

Learn more about support for International Students.