Giving to Landmark College

Landmark’s Annual Fund is the College’s most significant fundraising effort.

Each year, Annual Fund gifts assist in bridging the gap between tuition and the College’s actual operating budget.  Annual Fund dollars touch every aspect of student life.  With the support of Landmark’s alumni, parents, and friends, the Annual Fund provides a reliable source of funding needed to:

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  • Provide scholarship support for deserving students
  • Attract and retain respected faculty
  • Advance the technological infrastructure
  • Develop new academic initiatives
  • Update laboratory equipment
  • Build library resources
  • Maintain and enhance campus facilities


The financial support and flexibility afforded the College by the unrestricted nature of Annual Fund gifts give Landmark the ability to respond to new opportunities and address its most pressing needs within any given fiscal year

Landmark College uses an adaptive approach, equipping students with the methods and technologies needed for lifelong learning. We teach our students how to understand their learning profiles, how their particular differences manifest, how learning occurs most effectively for them, and how to advocate for themselves—for the rest of their lives, in any setting.

Through collaborative research and national dissemination of findings and best practices, Landmark College will significantly advance the field—nationally and internationally—and help transform the lives of students with learning disabilities.

We need your support! Please join us in making a difference in the lives of our students.  With your help, the value of Landmark’s life-transforming education will be felt now and for generations to come.

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Landmark College is a non-profit organization and is recognized as exempt under section 501(c)(3).

For additional information:

Office of Institutional Advancement
19 River Road South
Putney, VT  05346