Collaborative Institutional Training Initiative (CITI)

Training in the Protection of Human Subjects

IRB members complete the CITI online training course in the protection of human research subjects.
This training, which takes 8-10 hours, is available to all members of the Landmark College community at no additional cost.

Policy Regarding Training in the Protection of Human Subjects

How to Register for CITI Training

Go to

Click the red “New Users Register Here” link
Complete registration steps 1-7 (see screen shots below)

1. Select your institution or organization (under Participating Institutions please select Landmark College)

2. Create your Username and Password (Your username should consist of 4 to 50 characters)









3. Select a Security Question and Answer

4. Enter your name

5. Enter your email address









6. Gender, Ethnicity and Race

7. CME/CEU credits (select no)

8. Click submit to go to next page









Complete the Member Information page, required fields are marked with an asterisk (*)









Click submit

Select your curriculum screen

1. If you are an IRB Member please select “Group 4: IRB Members”

2. If you are enrolling in the “Responsible Conduct of Research Course Enrollment” please skip section one and select “Social & Behavioral  RCR”

CITI screen shot for choosing RCR training course









PLEASE NOTE: You only need to select one of these courses; you do not need to select courses from curriculum selection #1 if you are taking the RCR courses.

Select your institution

1. Check NO to continue your current selection









Main menu screen

1. Under My Courses, click on “Not started – Enter” and you will be taken to the modules needed to complete your CITI Training

2. You can logoff at any time and continue with the rest of the training whenever you wish.









Note: You can logoff at any time and continue with the rest of the training whenever you wish. You should not move forward to the next module until you have scored at least an 80% on the quiz for the previous module. When you have completed all of your modules you will be given the option to print the certificate of completion for your records. A copy of the completion certificate will be emailed to the CITI/IRB Administrator.