Grants & Research

Grant funding drives important research on campus.

At Landmark College, we believe that research related to teaching and learning for students with learning disabilities and other learning differences is critically important. Our campus affords a unique research environment, since we educate 500 postsecondary learners representing a range of LD diagnoses. Landmark is therefore uniquely situated to make a lasting impact on learners, educators, and society through meaningful, innovative scholarship and research activities. To fully utilize these strengths, we maintain an active portfolio of research projects, many of which receive grant funding.

Office of Grants and Sponsored Programs (OGSP)

The OGSP at Landmark College is the hub for:

  • Sponsored project activities
  • Identifying potential funding sources
  • Assisting faculty and staff in developing compelling proposals
  • Overseeing administration of grant-funded projects

We proudly use Podio.


Lynne Feal-Staub
Director of Grants and Sponsored Programs