Meet Kyle

Kyle Vanderwiel - Associate of Science in Computer Science/ Gaming

Kyle Vanderwiel is a second-year student in the computer science/gaming associate degree program at Landmark College. A resident of Everett, Wash., Kyle is a self-described enthusiast of games of all kinds, including card games, video games, and even board games. He puts his interest to work by running a successful social program for his peers at the College. With a pleasant and friendly demeanor, Kyle shared his educational experiences and aspirations.

My advice to other students is: Give Landmark College a chance. It is full of regular students who just need a little help to be successful in college.

My most memorable moment came at the end of my first semester when I earned two A’s and two B’s—grades that showed me I could succeed. When I was inducted into Phi Theta Kappa, I felt overjoyed that I could accomplish something so distinctive. I really understand what I learn at Landmark, and that’s made all the difference. Landmark is full of regular students like me who need just a little help and inspiration to succeed.

I plan to earn an associate of science degree in computer science/gaming this coming year. I have a high interest in programming and I love building and deconstructing things. Learning about and playing video games has always fascinated me. The program at Landmark College is perfect for me because it merges these two interests. We have a new lab and it is awesome and amazing because now we can learn to fully utilize the hardware and software in our field.

Kyle works with Professor Bower on computer programming Looking back to elementary school, I was diagnosed with ADHD in third grade. When it came to my education, I had a hard time learning how to read, write, and pick up math facts. Overall, I wanted to learn, but learning was such an arduous process. My mother found an ad for Landmark College in a learning disabilities magazine. At first I was skeptical, but she insisted that I attend an open house, which changed my mind. All the people I met were in the same situation as me: struggling in school due to attention issues and in need of help to get through the challenges that college brings.   

Since coming to Landmark College, the most memorable moment for me was seeing good grades on my final report. For me, a grade of D had been average no matter how hard I tried; however, at the end of my first semester my grades were two A’s and two B’s. This proved that I am a smart person who can succeed with hard work and a little help.

Another big moment was getting into an honor society—Phi Theta Kappa—for the first time in my life. I felt overjoyed, confident in myself, and great that I could accomplish something so distinctive.

I really understand what I learn at Landmark College, and that makes the difference. The one-on-one attention I get is really important. I can raise my hand and teachers will answer my questions, right then and there. Often this allows my brain to make a crucial link that I might miss otherwise. I understand and retain material this way, and this has helped me succeed. I also have small classes, a dedicated advisor, and lots of opportunities to get involved in the community. 


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