Message from President Eden

Since opening its doors to students in 1985, Landmark College has been on the leading edge of instruction, research and innovation in the field of learning disabilities (LD). Our $10 million capital campaign, “Pioneering Pathways, Changing Lives,” is an extension of the College’s mission as the nation’s leading institution for students with LD, ADD, and ASD. Now, more than ever, your investment in Landmark College is vital.

President Eden at Spring 2014 ConvocationThe goal of our campaign is to construct and operate a new Science, Technology & Innovation Center at the head of our historic quad.  The Center will be the first new academic building since the creation of the campus, which was designed by renowned modernist architect Edward Durell Stone. The Center will transform Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics (STEM) education at Landmark College, further positioning Landmark as a pioneer in STEM education for students who learn differently and the educators who serve them.

In addition to housing fully equipped science laboratories, a mathematics and computer science/gaming lab, and STEM faculty offices, the Center will be the home of the Landmark College Institute for Research and Training (LCIRT). The LCIRT suite will include an innovation lab to showcase cutting-edge equipment, and an interactive Universal Design for Learning (UDL) classroom space that will be used for testing and research as well as for our current, progressive classroom activities.

Indeed, the Center will serve as a modern facility for strategically sharing our innovative models and practices in LD-based education. It will be an incubator for faculty-student research, development of new ideas in teaching, learning, and STEM discovery, and much more.

This exciting era in Landmark’s history marks the College’s commitment to fulfilling its distinctive educational mission. These pages will provide you with an overview of the College’s “Pioneering Pathways, Changing Lives” campaign and progress on the new Center. Join us in this new era of STEM education for students who learn differently. Together we can generate breakthroughs in teaching and learning practices in the field of LD.


Dr. Peter Eden, President
Landmark College

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