Student Callers Exceed 2014 Phonathon Goal

Student Callers Exceed 2014 Phonathon Goal

Student Callers 2013The 2014 Phonathon was held on March 25 - 27 to support our Annual Fund.  The first night of the phonathon ended with students saying, “Let’s keep going!”  It was the positive attitude of our callers that made the phonathon such a success!

2014 Phonathon Goal: $25,000
2014 Phonathon Total Pledged: $29,858

We had 178 gifts pledged in total--and amazingly, 90 of them were new gifts--in just three nights. Students had some great conversations with current parents, alumni, and families of former students. They also shared with us how important they thought having the match was to the success of the telefund, relaying that some people told them specifically they were only giving because of the match, or they were giving more.

Here are just a few highlights:

“I had an amazing conversation with an alumnus that told me to not thank him for his donation, but to thank Landmark for all that it did for him.”

"An alumnus told me to stay for the full B.A. program, and to get all I can from Landmark, because he did not have the advantage of a Landmark B.A.”

“I talked to a father who said his investment in the College changed his son's life, which in the end changed his whole family for the better.”

Last year, thankful parents helped your donation go twice as far by matching every dollar you contributed. Whether you're donating by check or making an online donation, we sincerely appreciate your support. Thank you!