Strengthening Landmark

Innovation That Transforms Lives

diamonds benefitEvery day, in every way, a sense of excitement and opportunity is sweeping Landmark College.  Under the dynamic leadership of a new president, with the firm commitment of the Board of Trustees, and the unparalleled dedication of the College's faculty, administration and staff, Landmark College has boldly changed the focus of higher education.  Our commitment to innovation is redefining the College as we advance our mission and create greater opportunities for society through education. 

Most of all, there is a deep sense of pride as we seek ways to better serve our students, and to thrive as both a college and a community.  The Annual Report chronicles some of the significant initiatives and new directions at Landmark College during 2011 - 2012, shaped by dedication and innovation.  We invite you to join us in the continued advancement and growth of our College. 

Read the 2012 -13 Annual Report  (PDF 1,677KB)

Annual Giving

Landmark’s Annual Fund is one of the College’s most significant fundraising efforts. Each year Annual Fund gifts assist in bridging the gap between tuition and the College’s actual operating budget. Annual Fund dollars touch every aspect of student life. The financial support and flexibility afforded the College by the unrestricted nature of Annual Fund gifts give Landmark the ability to respond to new opportunities and address its most pressing needs within any given fiscal year. With the support of Landmark’s alumni, parents and friends, the Annual Fund provides a reliable source of immediately expendable income to:

  • Attract and retain respected faculty
  • Advance the technology infrastructure
  • Develop new academic initiatives
  • Update laboratory equipment
  • Build library resources
  • Maintain and enhance campus facilities
  • Provide scholarship support for deserving students


To serve this clear need, Landmark College annually provides $6,500,000 from our operating budget in direct financial aid funding to our students. Despite this funding, the availability of federal grants and loans and other private funding, many otherwise qualified students are unable to consider a Landmark College education – due solely to financial inability.  Scholarship endowment is among the College's strategic priorities, acknowledging that socio-economic status should not be a determinant when pursuing a higher education.

Named endowed scholarships are immensely significant to Landmark College – providing accessibility to our unique programs for generations of deserving students with learning disabilities, ADHD, or ASD who would not otherwise be able to afford a Landmark College education. Indeed, an endowed scholarship represents a permanent, perpetual door to educational opportunity for students with financial need.

Landmark College makes a difference in society through our programs, faculty, students and alumni. The establishment of an endowed fund at Landmark College would be a tremendous asset in securing the College's future as the premier college for students with learning differences, providing a legacy for future generations of talented students – and addressing a fundamental need among all people for self-empowerment within the global community.


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