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Students Who Guide and Give: The Next Generation of Leaders Celebrated at Landmark College

Posted: May 08 2013

Contact: Jill Hart 1.802.387.7221

In a dining hall full of cheers, hoots, and beaming smiles, seventeen talented, hard-working college students earned Leadership Awards at a ceremony on May 2, 2013 at Landmark College.   At the same event, nine students were inducted into the National Society for Leadership & Success, a society with the mission “To Build Leaders Who Make a Better World” with chapters at 345 colleges across the United States. 

At a busy college where the academic workload is high and students push through the obstacles and challenges that come with learning differences, it stands out when a student can “get it all done” and have ambition to make a difference to others.  When asked about the purpose of recognizing leadership at Landmark College, Michael Luciani, Dean of Students, said, “When students see that they’ve provided a benefit, they know that they are part of this community in a positive way. We want them to know that Landmark College is a better place because of what they do.”

Students, faculty and staff may put forth names for Leadership Awards.  Nominees made a range of contributions.  Some were big, one-time activities—like joining a weekend of Hurricane Sandy relief—others were ongoing—like serving as a reliable helper, guide, confidante, and peace worker in the residence halls.  “So many students did great works this year,” said Dean Luciani, “but what stood out was how many students were nominated because they had gone out of their way to help others. They were being named by their peers because they had reached out—they made sure no student was overlooked.” This theme affirms a central ideal promoted at Landmark College—that of understanding and acceptance of difference.  2013 Leadership Award recipients who were honored include:

  • Rachel Brown
  • Meredith Davis
  • Sarah Duffy
  • Becca Fisher
  • Max Franklin
  • John McNamee
  • Eric Joseph
  • Aaron Kahn-Bork
  • Parry Kring
  • Patrick McKenna
  • Coco Millar
  • Brandon Nogueira
  • Dillon O'Connor
  • Jamie Putman
  • Nicole Smith
  • Kyle Vanderwiel
  • Ilana Warner

The May 2, 2013 ceremony also recognized emerging leaders—nine new members of the National Society for Leadership and Success (NSLS). To join the NSLS, students must attend leadership trainings, view several expert speakers, and participate in success network teams.  It’s a significant time commitment, and this year a total of twenty students met the rigorous criteria to join NSLS.  Society members can connect with others in a large network, and they earn a resume-building certificate and access to exclusive scholarships. The students inducted into the Landmark College Chapter of NSLS include:   

  • Rebecca Ames
  • Michael Burkes
  • Miles Cota
  • Madeline Crapo
  • Stephanie Christy
  • Sarah Duffy
  • Becky Kennedy
  • Parry Kring
  • Chaundra Marion

Whether students are at the beginning or end of their trek into leadership, they can serve a purpose that College staff and faculty can’t.  They can show their peers great ways to contribute, spreading the notion and the drive to make a difference.  “We want students to understand how important they are to the community,” Dean Luciani said, “This is their college, and they should be proud of how they establish themselves—they are the ones bringing the core values forward.” 

Landmark College was the first institution of higher learning to pioneer college-level studies for students with dyslexia. Today Landmark College, offering two and four-year degree options, is a global leader in integrated teaching methods for students with learning disabilities, ADHD, and ASD.  Students, faculty, and other professionals from all over the world are drawn to Landmark College for its innovative educational model, one designed through research and practice to help all students who learn differently become confident, self-empowered, and independently successful learners.

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