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Landmark College Alumna Among Recent Graduates Recognized For Service To Others

Posted: May 18 2013

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Schnieder: Service to Others

By Richard Schneider
Meghan helps child after Hurricane Sandy
Meghan Benzel, a recent Landmark College graduate, served as an AmeriCorps volunteer in neighborhoods devastated by Hurricane Katrina, and more recently, Superstorm Sandy. She has also worked with at-risk youth impacted by gang violence in northern California.

Now Meghan has returned to the Putney campus as a member of the SerVermont VISTA Volunteer program for Windham County. Her job is to organize events and programs that establish connections between Landmark College and the Putney community.

Megan says that her student time at Landmark sparked her passion to serve others, and helped her to become the person she is today.

And she’s just one of many motivated students who attend an institution in the Association of Vermont Independent Colleges, whose undergraduate years have featured service to others.

On top of providing academic instruction and research opportunities, colleges and universities can serve to cultivate a legacy of philanthropy and civic-mindedness in students.

It’s in the unique undergraduate setting that students hone their inclinations to improve their communities, which is just one of the many intangible benefits of going to college.

In service learning, everyone wins.

Saint Michael’s College senior Ashley Lincoln spends a large portion of her free time giving to others.

As coordinator of the Case for Paws program for the past three years, Ashley has partnered with two animal shelters to match volunteers with organizational needs, and provide training and support for those volunteers.

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Article originally published on the digital blog on 5/17/13 and is reprinted with permission.

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