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January Term: Earn College Credits and Enjoy the VT Outdoors

Posted: Nov 23 2012

Contact: Jill Hinckley 802.387.6825

On-Campus January Term: January 6 – 24, 2013

When you feel better, research shows, you think more clearly. January Term or "J-Term" at Landmark College gives you the chance to be part of a small community that puts into practice the integration of mind and body to support success in the classroom and on campus. You can enroll in four credits for $4,800, a significant cost savings, and place yourself on a faster track to graduation.

Alumni say J-Term at Landmark College is just the jump start they needed to ready themselves for the spring semester.

Activities during J-Term focus on wellness, both within the classroom and during free time. Physical challenges, creative expression, mindfulness, interaction with nature and healthy eating are all part of the balanced living that J-Term offers. In addition, course offerings include Human Resources Management, Intercultural Communication, Beat Literature, American Romanticism, and much more.

Interested in J-Term or just have questions? Contact your Academic Advisor, or Assistant Dean, Jill Hinckley at  Registration is now open and seating is limited, so sign up today for J-Term at Landmark College.