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First in Region Mock Election Results Are Tallied

Posted: Oct 25 2012

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More than 300 Landmark College students and staff cast ballots this week in the region's first mock election, providing perhaps a preview of how the presidential election might go. The Landmark College poll included several ballot questions, culled from state initiatives across the country, including the legalization of marijuana, same-sex marriage, the abolition of the death penalty, and Death With Dignity, also known as the “right to die” for terminally ill patients.

In the presidential election, Democrat Barack Obama routed Mitt Romney, capturing 74 percent of the vote. The economy was the most important issue influencing Landmark College voters, and 82 percent of voters felt same sex marriage should be legal in all states. The closest issue proved to be the debate on the death penalty, with 43 percent in favor, and 41 percent opposed. For complete results, and a demographic breakdown of results, go to Mock Election Results

Perhaps most interesting to faculty and staff at Landmark College is how students voted on the question, “What is the most important issue influencing your vote?” Answers include the economy, universal health care, affordability of higher education, foreign policy, immigration reform, employment, the federal budget deficit or energy.

Results were tabulated electronically and released to the campus community Wednesday. Statistical data was broken down by home state, dorm room, male and female voters, and other data points. The poll was sponsored by the Landmark College Student Government Association.

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