Research Class Visits for Information Literacy Instruction

Email your department liaison librarian to schedule a Library Research Session in the Library, or in your classroom. (Currently, that librarian is Kathy Burris, Research Services Librarian.)

Your department liaison librarian will tailor the content of the information literacy class to your students' particular needs. 

The Information Literacy Sessions:

  • are specific to an assignment and the students' research topics. 
  • are interactive and require student participation. 
  • provide an overview of some of the sources that work best for the students' projects.
  • provide time for every student to get individual attention if needed. 
  • provide ample time for each student to leave with at least one source (preferably more) that starts them in their research.

The librarian will often create a Library Course Guide, listing the best sources for the students' research. 

Librarians are also available for one-on-one research help with your students.

Information Literacy Menu

Times vary by class and are estimates only.

  • Website evaluation & locating credible websites (20 minutes)
  • Scholarly v. Popular/News articles (10 minutes)
  • Database search techniques (15 - 20 minutes)
  • NoodleBib citation formatting tool (10 minutes)
  • Plagiarism (20-30 minutes)
  • Locating books & films using the Library Catalog and/or WorldCat (10 - 15 minutes)
  • Using Reference books to find background information, additional sources, and to help narrow a topic (20 minutes)

To ensure a successful class we ask that:

  • The information literacy session be in support of an assignment. Please send us the assignment and a list of topics the students may be researching when scheduling the session.
  • The students have at least broad topic ideas. It is helpful if a list of the student's topics, or possible topics, is sent to us in advance. 
  • The students are allowed time at the end of the session to apply the skills the librarian taught. It is helpful if the students are required to leave the session with at least one approved source.
  • The teacher be present for the class, help with classroom management, and participate.
  • The skills taught during the library session are reinforced in the classroom and on the assignment.


Contact Kathy Burris, Research Services Librarian