Faculty & Staff Library Services

A key component of the Library’s mission is not only to provide direct services and instruction to students, but also to support our colleagues’ professional development and scholarship.

Students aren't the only Landmark College community members who can benefit from library research instruction and assistance.

  • Librarians enjoy assisting our colleagues with their literature reviews, copyright questions and information resource needs.
  • We provide support for faculty and staff professional development and scholarship with our online and physical collections as well as with guidance in using those collections optimally.
  • We assist committees and administrators in informing new initiatives with literarature reviews of best practices in higher education and in the disciplines.

Many ways to ask for assistance

  • Live chat, email, phone (802-387-1648) and of course, stopping by the Library front desk.
  • Don't worry about choosing the right Library staff member to ask—any of us are happy to connect you to that person.
  • But if you're still curious, here's who we are and (some of) what we do.