The Crucial Role of Executive Function in Student Success

Why do some otherwise able students struggle with organization, sustaining effort or attention, and getting their work done on time? These struggles could be the result of Executive Function (EF) challenges. EF refers to brain-based abilities that allow us to harness our energy and focus on goals—in short, EF allow us to manage ourselves and get things done. This interactive workshop will provide a practical model of executive function and explore how educators can use an inquiry-based approach to support students in learning to successfully manage the EF challenges inherent in an academic setting.  As a result of this workshop, participants will (1) understand EF within the context of brain development, Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder, and Autism Spectrum Disorders, and (2) have access to an effective approach, supported by a repertoire of strategies to help improve students’ skills in time management, task completion, and self-regulation.