2013 Learning Disabilities Innovation Symposium

The 2013 Learning Disabilities Innovation Symposium: Diverse Technologies for Diverse Minds was a dynamic forum spotlighting cutting-edge research, technologies, and tools, while linking innovators and practitioners in the fields of education and technology. Enjoy symposium highlights on facebook or @LandmarkCollege on twitter via #LDIS13.

Dr. Matthew Schneps, Director of the Laboratory for Visual Learning, Harvard-Smithsonian Center for Astrophysics, led the day with the keynote, Thinking Differently in an Age of Technology included below.  In a recent article with the Boston Globe, Dr. Schneps offered the framework for his groundbreaking research on the use of devices like the iphone and ipad to improve reading for people with dyslexia.

Following Dr. Schneps' keynote was a full day of presentations, demonstrations, panels, poster sessions, and opportunities for networking.

LD Symposium Program and Agenda

Resources handout for keynote

PDF of The Promise of Pencasts

Creating with Apps materials

Educators, students, disability service providers, curriculum and staff developers, educational technologists, and IT specialists enjoyed this lively symposium during fall foliage season on the Landmark College campus in beautiful southern Vermont. Find symposium highlights on facebook or @LandmarkCollege on twitter via #LDIS13.

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