2015 LD Innovation Symposium

"Diverse Technologies for Diverse Minds"

Friday, October 2, 2015 from 9 a.m. to 4 p.m.

Keynote by Christopher Lee
"From 'Faking It' to 'Tools for Life': Technology Pathways to Success"

Join Christopher as he shares his journey through life’s challenges, and discover how his technology pathways to success led to nationwide systemic change in higher education for individuals with disabilities and the people who serve them. Learn about Christopher’s social entrepreneurship venture, incubating and growing an organization which strives to improve the human condition for individuals with disabilities through equal access to technology-based and research-driven information, services, and products. Share Christopher’s excitement about new technology tools ranging from accessible engineered content, to robotics and wearable technology.

Christopher Lee, Ph.D. is the Director of AMAC Accessibility Solutions and Research Center. He is the author of What About Me? Strategies for Teaching Misunderstood Learners and Faking It: A Look Into the Mind of a Creative Learner.

Special guest speaker Noel Gregg
"Online Mentoring to Improve Persistence of Students with LD/ADHD/ASD"

Noel Gregg will explore virtual mentoring as a support service for improving the persistence of secondary and postsecondary students with LD, ADHD, and ASD engaging in STEM coursework. Three aspects of virtual mentoring will be examined: (1) factors associated with how students with LD, ADHD, and ASD use social media tools, including virtual platforms, (2) factors contributing to the development of mentee/mentor relationships, and (3) factors which affect a mentee’s increased persistence in STEM.

Noel Gregg, Ph.D. is a Distinguished Research Professor at UGA in the Institute for Interdisciplinary Research and Associate Dean of Research. She is PI of the NSF Georgia STEM Access Alliance, a virtual learning model for increasing STEM persistence. Dr Gregg is the author of Adolescents and Adults with Learning Disabilities and ADHD: Assessment and Accommodation and Written Expression Disorders

Speaker books can be pre-ordered from the College Bookstore. A limited number will be also available for purchase on campus during the event.  


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