LD Innovation Symposium

Diverse Technologies for Diverse Minds


Friday, September 30, 2016

Keynote by Dr. Jan Plass
Chair in Digital Media and Learning Sciences at New York University 

Dr. Plass research lies at the intersection of learning science, cognitive sciences, and design. His interests include the cognitive and emotional aspects of information design and interaction design of simulations and educational games for science education and second language acquisition. 


Who should attend?

Are you an educator, researcher, or administrator working with students with LD, ADHD, or ASD? Are you interested in how technology can improve teaching and learning? Do you hope to use technology more strategically in the classroom? If you answered yes to any of these questions, the LD Innovation Symposium is right for you!

What should I expect from the "Young Professionals Panel"?

You'll hear from young professionals in the work force about what kinds of technology they use in daily life at work and for personal productivity and enrichment. They will share tools they use currently, how they learned to use them, and advice for others starting out in the work force, or supporting students in transition from school to work.

What is the "Tech Playground"?

The Technology Playground is an inter-active, audience participation segment of the LD Symposium. It is set up like a technology fair, with individual presenters at tables demonstrating technology or apps they use. Our focus is on technology that supports personal or professional productivity. In the past we've highlighted wellness apps, apps for facilitating conversations for individuals on the Autism spectrum, note-taking tools, and many others.

Where can I stay in the area?

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Registration and Pricing Information

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