Since 2002, LCIRT has offered over 250 privately contracted workshops to secondary and postsecondary institutions across the United States and Canada. Our most frequently requested workshops include Universal Design, Assistive Technology, and Reading and Study Skills. Private clients have option to speak one-on-one with LCIRT experts to customize workshops that address specific topics and provide participants with the opportunity for application to classroom materials.

Chart of the number of LCIRT's Private Clients from 2002-2011

In addition to the thousands of educators LCIRT has trained through private engagements, our staff has also reached over 1,500 individual educators through our regional institute model.  Originating at the Landmark College Campus in Putney, Vermont, this model consists of multi-day, multi-topic workshops and presentations at locations throughout the United States and Canada. A team of LCIRT trainers provides hands-on workshops that address pressing issues in education. Locations for the most recent regional institutes include Houston, Texas; Washington, D.C.; and Ontario, Canada.

Chart of Regional Institute Attendance by Location.