Past projects conducted by LCIRT researchers

AccessComputing Capacity Building Institute (CBI) at Landmark College: "Pathways to Success for Students with Invisible Disabilities"

Dr. Manju Banerjee and Dr. Sapna Prasad received a grant from The Alliance for Access to Computing Careers (AccessComputing) in April 2013 to host a two-day Capacity Building Institute (CBI) with the goal of promoting cross-campus collaboration to increase the number of students with invisible disabilities successfully pursuing higher degrees and careers in computing fields.

Learn more about this CBI or read the proceedings online.


AccessComputing Minigrants 1 & 2

1. Participatory Design for Accessible Apps and Games. Human Centered Computing Workshop; Collaboration with University of Maryland, Baltimore, MD. (10/1/11 – 9/30/12)

2. Electronic Tablets & Computer Programming Workshop. Electronic Tablets and Accessible Programming Workshop; collaboration with Southern Illinois University. (1/1/12 – 12/31/12)

Learn more about AccessComputing Minigrants.


Improving Access to Technological Education Programs and Careers for Community College Students with Learning Disabilities (LD)

LCIRT was awarded a grant from the National Science Foundation’s Advanced Technological Education (ATE) grant program for a two-year project entitled Improving Access to Technological Education Programs and Careers for Community College Students with Learning Disabilities (LD). Visit the Access Tech Careers website for more information.


Universal Design in College Algebra: Customizing Learning Resources for Two Year Students with Learning Disabilities

This award was used to create universally-designed online algebra learning resources for use by students in developmental algebra courses, focused on improving access and usability for students with learning disabilities. 

Learn more about the Universal Design in College Algebra grant.


Biology Success: Teaching Diverse Learners The front cover of the Biology Success! manual.

The Biology Success! manual asserts that students with learning differences can succeed in high school and college introductory biology courses when the curriculum has been designed to respond to their learning needs. To support this goal, a manual was producted for the National Science Foundation under Grant No. HRD - 0004264. After the Biology Success! manual went out of print, the text was converted to a series of PDFs that are available at no cost to download. 

Please email LCIRT to request access to the PDF version of the manual.

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