Executive Functions: Organization and Task Completion

Question: How does Landmark College assist its students organizing schedules and following through on tasks?

Response: We assist students with scheduling and following through on tasks in many ways including:

During First Year classes, which are taken by all incoming students, we show students how to manage schedules by teaching a calendar system for monitoring schedules, appointments and assignments. We offer students the option of paper-based or electronic calendars.

Many students prefer electronic calendars, such as Google calendar, for the ease of entering recurring events, the ability to color code different kinds of tasks, and especially, the feature of having text message or e-mail reminders sent to their smart phones at the point of performance.

For students with chronic difficulty completing tasks on time, we offer specialized advising cohorts, which focus on advanced time/task management strategies.

We also offer coaching services with professional coaches, who provide a consistent level of motivation and accountability for students who are developing self-management skills.