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The Resilient Brain: From Research to Practice

Jun 12

Linda Hecker, Lead Educational Specialist, presents Study Skills and Writing Strategies Workshops at Brain Symposium in Honolulu, Hawaii.

Linda Hecker, a founding faculty member of Landmark College, will be presenting two topics at the 2013 Brain Symposium June 12 - 13 in Honolulu, Hawaii.

  • Teaching Study Skills: Lessons from Landmark College
  • Reading Writing Brain

Study skills are sometimes called the “hidden curriculum.” Teachers may assume students know how to organize materials, manage time and tasks efficiently, take and use notes effectively, and prepare for tests. However, many students lack these essential skills and approach these tasks haphazardly. During this workshop, 'Study Skills: Lessons from Landmark College', Linda Hecker, a founding faculty member of Landmark College, introduces classroom-tested strategies teachers can implement within content courses and use to teach students how to foster self-regulation. Strategies include both paper-based and digital approaches.

During Hecker's day two workshop she explores the challenges presented by reading and writing assignments and models effective reading and writing instructional practices that promote academic success for secondary and postsecondary students with learning disabilities and attention disorders. Strategy instruction will take into account newly rigorous expectations set by Common Core State Standards

These workshops are part of the annual Brain Symposium hosted at Punahuo School in Honolulu, Hawaii.  Registration for the Symposium has been closed.