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Executive Function Workshop & Summer Open House

Aug 3

A special program for college bound students with learning disabilities, ADHD or ASD who are at risk academically.

Are you a college bound student experiencing difficulties with executive functions, or the self-management system of the brain? Do you have problems attending class regularly, regulating sleep and waking, keeping track of materials and commitments, studying effectively for tests and exams, and producing work on deadline, particularly academic papers?

If so, don’t miss Landmark College's Executive Function Workshop where you will:

  • Identify the specific challenges you face in college and explore the underlying nature and causes of executive function difficulties
  • Explore proven strategies for time management, studying, and academic writing
  • Receive take away materials that detail specific strategies and a personal 'plan for success'

You’ll also attend our Open House, where you’ll learn why students who learn differently enroll at Landmark College.  We help students develop essential learning strategies designed to prepare them for academic success. Interested students may also schedule one-on-one meetings with our admissions staff. Fall 2013 classes begin September 3.

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