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Educational Perspectives on DSM-5

Nov 15

Explore the educational impact of DSM-5 on diagnostic criteria and changes to eligibility.

A revised version of the Diagnostic and Statistical Manual of the American Psychiatric Association was published in May, 2013, after a long and contentious period of public comments. Since its publication, diagnosticians, clinicians, parents, and educators have been grappling with changes that influence how individuals are diagnosed, with the potential to alter eligibility for services. During this webinar Linda Hecker, M.Ed., Lead Education Specialist for the Landmark College Institute for Research and Training, will present an educational perspective on how these changes may play out.

This webinar will help answer:

  • How have diagnostic criteria changed for individuals with LD, ADHD, and ASD?
  • How may these changes impact students regarding diagnosis and eligibility for services?
  • What are the implications for our work in school settings?

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