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2014 LD Innovation Symposium

Oct 3

The theme of the one-day 2014 LD Innovation Symposium at Landmark College is "Diverse Technologies for Diverse Minds." Early-bird registration is now available. Details about workshops and presenters will be available soon.

Through innovation and accommodation, every classroom and workplace can be focused on people's strengths. In his keynote address, "A Blueprint for Learners: Using Technology to Support Students Who Learn Differently," Ben Foss will discuss assistive and mainstream technologies that can help students thrive in an academic environment. He will provide participants with concrete recommendations for tools that can enhance the path to success for all students. Perhaps most importantly, these technologies help students feel included and enable them to move past a legacy of shame that can hold them back.

Foss is the former Director of Access Technology at Intel Corporation and the author of a new book, The Dyslexia Empowerment Plan. He draws on his own experiences as a person with dyslexia in exploring the strategies that can enable anyone to become a higher performing version of themselves.

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