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  • Spring 2015 Family Weekend thumb

    Feb 27 — Spring 2015 Family Weekend

    Spring 2015 Family Weekend: February 27 & 28, is designed especially for families of our current students. It’s a time to enjoy an exciting assortment of activities, workshops and social events together.We look forward to seeing you there!

  • Academic Speaker Series presents Dorothea Brauer on “Queering Education” thumb

    Mar 2 — Academic Speaker Series presents Dorothea Brauer on “Queering Education”

    This Landmark College Academic Speaker Series presentation will argue for the need to “queer” existing notions about education in order to keep education relevant in the midst of collapsing social structures and unprecedented cynicism about traditional notions of authority and leadership.

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Friday, Mar 27

  • Mar 27 — Webinar: The Role of Executive Function in Academic Reading

    This webinar explores the specific impact of executive function difficulties on academic reading, including reading stamina, volume reading, and critical reading. We will offer instructional strategies to improve reading comprehension and retention, focusing on informational text. Both traditional multi-sensory approaches and technology tools will be considered as ways to support more efficient reading.
    Presenter: Linda Hecker, M.Ed., Lead Education Specialist

Monday, Mar 30

Monday, Apr 13

Saturday, Apr 25