Landmark DJ Bios

Mihai Tripp- Show Time: Wednesday 6pm-8pm,    Home town:  New Bedford Ma
My name is Mihai Tripp, and I’ve been at WLMC Radio as DJ since I arrived at Landmark in September, 2010. Time sure seems to fly since I started, and so have the changes at WLMC. I’m a native of New Bedford, MA, and I grew up with FUN 107, one of the best stations in the country. That station still influences my music choices on my own radio show to this day. I fill in for various shifts at WLMC, and I also work as a news anchor during my radio show. I enjoy doing interviews and I have interviewed Landmark College President, Dr. Peter Eden, Landmark Vice President and Provost, Dr. Brent Betit, and Norwich University Professor, Rowland Brucken. I have also trained a lot of the Landmark DJs since my second semester. In addition to anchoring the news on WLMC during my show, I was also the first Landmark DJ ever to anchor an official newscast on WLMC. I also play a lot of different kinds of music on my show. My genres are 80s, 90s, 2000s, and current and future hits, as well as house, and club music.

Brandon Nogueira AKA DJ Nogues   Show time: Sunday 7-9pm & Mon. 3-4:15pm  Home town:  Swansea
I play anything and everything on my show and I have hobbies in photography, music, singing and poetry.

Patrick Marston  AKA   D.J. Black Lung  Show Time: Thursday's 8 a.m to 10 a.m.   Home town:  Winston Salem Newport in Marlborough County.
I play hard, fast, heavy music to wake you up in the morning and at times, scare you out of bed.  Punk, heavy metal, thrash, ska, hardcore, grindcore, power violence, classic rock, ambient eletronica, what ever I feel like. I was in a hardcore punk band for 7 years, plays the guitar. Enjoys smoking cigars, shooting, hunting, fishing, hiking, poetry, and making people laugh.   If it's cold, you'll know me by my wool knit orange hunting hat.

Diego Andrade  AKA "D.J. In the Mix"  Show time:  Wednesday 1p.m.-3p.m.   Thursday 4p.m.- 6 p.m.    Home town: Guatemala
My show theme is Spanglish and I try to teach my audience Spanish words.  I love to play  electronic music and spanish music.  My hobbies and other interests are biking and cycling

Carl Hampe  AKA Big C   Show time:  Tuesdays 8a.m-10a.m.  and Saturday 8p.m to 10p.m.    Home town:  Kensignton, New Hampshire
I love to plays classic rock music and sports talk.  I am interested in hockey, boxing and weightlifting

Eli Cox  AKA "Cruisin' With the Cox"  Show time Monday 8 p.m.- 10pm   Home town:   Manhattan N.Y.C. 
I’m Eli Cox and my show is “Cruisin’ With The Cox.” It airs 6 - 8 p.m. on Monday evenings. "Cruisin' With the Cox" consists of a different theme every week, and I play anything from World Music to Throwbacks to Bruce to Tom Waits and classics. I am 19 years old, and this is my third semester as a Landmark DJ. I'm also co-captain on the Landmark baseball team. I was born and raised in New York City, and living in New York City has really influenced my interest in radio and music. I got into radio at around 13 and I loved Z100 in New York—I laughed with Elvis Duran and The Z Morning Zoo. Later on, my interests lead me to the classic rock station, and I still tune in when I can to hear the radio stylings of Ian O’Malley, who is one of my favorite weekend DJs. A favorite moment of mine was when he did a tribute to Clarence Clemons, and it reminded me of the times I heard him at MSG and Giants Stadium. He is my biggest radio influence.  In the future, I'd like to work at a radio station in New York City, become a dancer, or go into social work and counseling.  I love doing radio because I can just be myself and tell stories.

Old Friends of WLMC Landshark Radio

Kelly Banks (AKA DJ Banks)


My name is Kelly Banks, (otherwise known as DJ Banks). I’m originally from Lexington, Kentucky, but I currently live in Vermont. This is my first semester being a DJ at Landmark College, and I can say I truly love it. For the past few years, I’ve been listening to Sirius Radio's metal station and I thought that I would really enjoy bringing something like that to Landmark—but on a more personal level music and topic wise.  I basically play the heaviest of the heavy music out there today. I play music that I connect with and love on a personal level. I try to play metal that will get my listeners pumped up, ready to head bang and ready to plow through their evening homework. In the future I see myself pursuing a career in audio engineering, video production, or even the radio.

Christopher Garland (AKA Nacho)

My name is Christopher Garland (AKA Nacho) to Landmark and Goose to my family. I'm from Washington Village, Vermont, and I have been a DJ for WLMC radio for two semesters, now, and like it a lot. I first began listening to the radio at the age of four and started listening to John Tesh's "Information For Your Life," and have continued to listen to it and enjoy it for a long time. The show I do for WLMC is a mix of 80s, 90s, contemporary, J-pop and J-bop, anime and country music. I plan to become a carpenter, with a degree in business and gaming, and I also might look into becoming a DJ for a radio station. I also like working on my family farm when I have the time.

Lizzy Hubbard

I am Lizzy Hubbard, and I'm from Fairfax, Vermont. This is my second semester as a WLMC DJ. I have no connections with radio, but have always been interested in being on the radio and playing music for others. My show doesn’t really have a name, but I play a mixture of country, oldies and pop, so I guess a mixture of a lot of different stuff. I plan to be a writer.

Chris Kelley ("Outlaw Radio")

My name is Chris Kelly, and I'm from Dorchester, Massachusetts. I've been a Landmark College DJ for 6 semesters. My early connections to radio involved listening to my local country station, WKLB, back home in Boston—hoping I would get to host my own show one day. My first few shows for WLMC were interesting, to say the least. It was hard work, but lots of fun. I remember being extremely enthusiastic to be in the same chair that WLMC greats like Jesse Evans and James Panza sat in to do their shows. My own show started out with the title, "Everything Under the Sun," but would later change to "Outlaw Radio," Landmark College's number one radio show—dedicated to country and other random songs. This semester marks my last here at Landmark—the Spring of 2012. It's been a long, successful journey. I plan on going on to another college to pursue a major in media or communications.

Nick Klamon (AKA the Klamonator)

My name is Nick Klamon, and this is my first semester being a WLMC DJ. I have no early connections to radio, but I have been interested in radio for a while and always thought it would be awesome to start off by being a college radio DJ. So now, I'm at Landmark College and actually have the opportunity to be a DJ for the WLMC radio. I took full advantage of being a part of the Radio Training class. In fact, I would say its the best class I have taken so far in my college experience, and I hope to continue to pursue radio in the future. I am on the air every Monday from 4 - 6 p.m., Thursdays from 2 - 3 p.m., and Fridays from 11 p.m.- 1 a.m., performing my show, "The Klamonator." I play all types of music: classic rock, rock, country, r&b, etc. I try to include a little of every type of music while I’m on the air. Once I graduate from Landmark, I plan to pursue radio. Hopefully I'll make it big, or at least make it onto a well-known station in a big city.

Paige Sterling (AKA DJ Rampaige)

My name is Paige Sterline, and I come from Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. My favorite radio station since I was 13 is Q102. I still listen to it everyday! My show features all the latest hits, with a mix of music that is happy and upbeat to let you lose control and have fun. I plan to be a biology and communications major.

DJ OrangeAlex Wilson (AKA DJ Orange)

My name is Alex Wilson, and I am from Randolph Center, Vermont. This is my third semester as a WLMC DJ. Prior to being a DJ, I took over my church's audiovisual technician job—basically helping them out with PowerPoint and running the sound system for the church. I still help out with that when I'm on  vacation. There's a funny story behind my on-air name, DJ Orange. For the past 11 years, I have worn the color orange every day. My current show is called "Contemporary Christian Music Hour" and the type of music I play is Contemporary Christian music. I strive to educate people about contemporary Christian music—that it's not just music you see in a hymn-book. It's the same music that secular people listen to, but with cleaner lyrics and positive messages. Although with Christian metal, you need to listen to the lyrics a few times to get what they're actually saying. My future plans involve going on to another college to get my four-year bachelor's degree in Mass Communication or Broadcasting. I would eventually like to work for a Christian radio station or work behind the scenes at a TV station.


Eric Matte
Assistant Professor of Communication
WLMC Station Manager