Calendar of Events

2014-2015 Event Highlights

Fall 2014              

September 1      First Night Celebration

September 6      Hampton Beach Seafood Festival Trip*

September 9      Poster Sale

September 10    Involvement Fair

September 14   Six Flags New England Trip*

September 20   Boston Trip*

September 23   Caribbean Night with Live Band

September 24   Fall Fest

September 27   Alumni Homecoming

October 4         Boston Trip*

October 25        Boston Trip*

October 25        Leadership Conference

October 27th     Fall Wellness Week Begins

October 31        12th Annual Halloween Bash

November 8      Boston Trip*

November 22    New York City Trip*

December 8      Late Night Breakfast


Spring 2015        

January 26        First Night Celebration

January 28        Poster Sale

February 4        Involvement Fair

February 7        Boston Trip*

February 21      Boston Trip*

March 7           New York City Trip*

March 28         Spring Semi Formal Dance

April 4             Boston Trip*

April 4             Community Easter Egg Hunt

April 9             Wellness Fair

April 11           Montreal Trip*

April 25           Boston Trip*

May 2             Spring Fling

May 9             Student Leadership Training Conference

May 11           Late Night Breakfast

*Indicates that advanced sign-up and/or payment is required.


Emily North
Director of Student Activities
Student Center, room 010