Meet the Staff

Each residence hall is staffed by Resident Assistants and Resident Deans who work hard to make sure the living environment is supportive and interesting.

Resident Deans (RDs)

RDs are professional staff members who live in the residence halls and have overall responsibility for the development and maintenance of the residential community. RDs are available to discuss important issues or concerns with students. They also work closely with Academic Advisors to ensure students have meaningful connections between their academic work and campus life.

Resident Deans serve on a rotating duty schedule so that each night and weekend the College is able to maintain an consistent administrative presence and resource for students.

Arnelle Hanley
Resident Dean - Aiken Hall

Maeve Spiegler
Resident Dean - Alumni Hall

John Wood
Resident Dean - Bridges and Chumleys

Jillian Toce
Resident Dean - Stanton Davis Hall

Ellen Wood
Resident Dean - Robert Frost Hall

Cody Clements
Resident Dean - Edward Durell Stone Hall

Resident Assistants (RAs)

RAs are fellow students who live in the residence halls, assisting the RDs and organizing up to 10 events per semester. Three RAs are assigned to each hall. They are a great resource for students with questions about life on campus, as well as being a resource on policies and procedures.

Creating a supportive environment

Although our residence hall staff enforces rules, that is not their primary function. Their job is to create a supportive environment where students can thrive. They are educators who work outside the classroom, providing on-the-spot advice and helping students adjust to being responsible for themselves and their communities.