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Hall Four External View

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Most first-year students will begin their residential life at Landmark College in a double-occupancy bedroom in one of our main residence halls (Robert Frost Hall, Alumni Hall, Edward Durell Stone Hall or Davis Hall).  

In these residence halls, 55-75 students live on two floors, and each floor is separated into two wings. These halls are co-ed by wing, and each hall currently has one wing of women and three wings of men.  Each residence hall has a central common room where students can go to study, relax with their friends, watch television or attend one of the many programs sponsored by the Residential Life staff.

After their first year, students will have the opportunity to live in the suite-style residences of Aiken Hall, Chumley Hall or The Bridges. These halls offer students a more independent living and learning environment, while still allowing connection and engagement with their community.

Aiken Hall, fully renovated in 2009, offers double and single room suites for two and four students. Single suites consist of two single rooms connected by a shared bathroom. Double suites consist of two double rooms connected by a common room and bathroom. Aiken Hall also offers a laundry room, lounge, fitness center, study room and vending room.

The Bridges are made up of five separate buildings containing four suites each. Each suite houses four students, either in four single rooms or two singles and a double. In addition to the bedrooms, each suite has a common room, kitchenette, bathroom, shower and laundry machines.

Chumley Halls are comprised of 3-room suites (two single rooms and a double room) that share a bathroom.  The suites are off of common areas that include lounge space and kitchen facilities.  There are 6-8 suites in each of the two Chumley buildings.

Wellness HallsFrost Hall Common Room

Although there is already a strongly enforced expectation that Landmark College is a campus that prohibits the use of alcohol and other illicit substances, the wellness halls offer an additional measure of support for those individuals who choose not to drink or use drugs. Substances are defined to include alcohol, cigarettes, and other smoking materials, as well as all illicit drugs.  Students in the wellness hall sign an agreement to keep their room free from substances at all times.

Residence Hall Rates for Standard & Premium Rooms

 Non-Smoking Living Environments

All residence halls (as well as all campus buildings and grounds) are non-smoking environments.  Smoking is allowed in designated smoking areas only.

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An example of a standard-double room in Davis, Hall Four, Middle and Frost Halls. Student rooms are equipped with a bed, extra-long mattress, desk, chair, chest of drawers and closet or wardrobe. All residence halls (with the exception of the Bridges) have common lounges in the building. Each hall has centrally-located staff offices where students can go with questions or if they need help. The dining hall is located on the lower level of Middle Hall Off of the suites, each Chumley building has a kitchen (upstairs) and a lounge (downstairs). An example of a single room in Chumley Hall An example of a double room in Chumley Hall Upperclass students have the opportunity to live in one of our 16 Bridges Suites (housing 4 students per suite). An example of the kitchenette/common area in one of the Bridges Suites. An example of a single room in the Bridges. An example of a double room in the Bridges. Renovated in 2009, Aiken Hall was converted to suite-style living and a third floor was added. An example of a double room in Aiken Hall. An example of a bathroom in a double-room suite.  Two double rooms are connected by a common room and bathroom.