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Enrollment forms for the Spring 2016 semester

We will ask you to download, print, and return some paper forms, while others are exclusively online. The Math Placement form will also be mailed to your home for you to fill out and return.

Please note that some of the online forms will require login information that will be emailed to you shortly after your deposit is processed. If you are waiting for that to occur, you can get started on your paper forms.

Important Documents

1. Paper Enrollment Forms - please download, print, fill out and return to Admissions (with the exception of Health Forms, which can be sent directly to Health Services)

Download All Paper Forms Listed Below [pdf], or download individually:

2. Math Placement -  if applicable, this will be mailed to your home along with your Academic Placement Letter

  • If you receive a Math Placement form in the mail, please complete and return as soon as possible. (Definitely do it well before you arrive, so you don't have to do it on Registration day!)
  • If you don't receive a Math Placement form, then you don't need to do this step.

3. Online Forms - You may need to wait to receive login information to your email for some forms as noted:

Instructions for Quikpay, Emergency Alerts & Landmark Email [pdf]

  • Set up Your Quikpay Account -- You will need your network login information, which will be emailed to you from Information Technology Services after your deposit is processed.
  • Health Insurance Online Decision Form – You will be automatically enrolled in and billed for the Student Health Plan unless a) you are already insured and eligible to decline AND b) you complete the online decision form before the deadline of February 12, 2016. If you want to keep the Student Health Plan, you should also do an online decision form to let us know (so you will not receive any more reminders and so you can access your health insurance card).
  • Online Housing Application -- You will need login information, which will be emailed to you from Residential Life shortly after your deposit is processed.
  • Computer Package - A fully supported Lenova Yoga computer package will be ordered for each deposited student and billed to the student’s tuition account.  However, if you already own a Windows 8 touchscreen tablet/PC that meets required specifications, you may apply online for an exception.

Office of Student Affairs
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