Dean of Students

As a Landmark College student, you have the chance to become a partner in creating an educational experience and community that works for you.

Michael Luciani is Dean of StudentsLet me tell you how this all works....

All of the Offices and Services in the Dean of Students Office and Student Affairs work with one goal in mind—to build the best community we can that will enrich your life and make you a better, stronger and bolder person. We do this in a number of ways. 

First, we have created a safe and secure physical environment that can be your home away from home. The residence halls, dining hall, student center, sports and fitness centers and other areas serve as the places you live, work and spend time with friends. 

Activities and Programs have been developed (some by us, most by students) to get you together with others and do the things you enjoy doing. Whether it is going to a concert, a coffeehouse, a club meeting, a social program, a speaker, an athletic event or taking on a leadership position—you will find something that will spark your interest. If you don't, let us know and we can help start something new!

Our services are here to keep you healthy and well. Part of our mission is to help you achieve and maintain your best physical and emotional health. In the end, this helps you become a better student and person. 

Through our programs, we want to challenge you to look inside yourself to figure out who you are and what you believe in. While you are doing that, you'll have the chance to look around campus at the many perspectives and ideas that make up the diversity of our community.

As I mentioned in the introduction on this page, you are a partner in all of this. Here is how you can do your part in making Landmark the best campus and community it can be:

  • Be Respectful of yourself and those around you. We're all working to accomplish big things here. It's important that everyone is respected and treated fairly and with compassion. Remember—you only get respect if you give it out first. While you're at it, remember to respect the campus and our town. Treat your home well.
  • Be Honest. Nobody moves forward if they are not honest with themselves and with others. Despite even the best efforts, mistakes and poor choices will be made. Step up and learn from them.
  • Be Safe. Do your part in making this campus safe for you and everyone else. This means more than locking doors and securing your valuables. Make choices that keep you healthy and safe (yes, this includes choices around substances).  Don't participate in or tolerate bullying, and resolve conflicts without using anger, intimidation or force. Have each other's back.  
  • Be Understanding. We can all remember a time when what makes us different (how we learn, what we believe, how we look) has set us apart and made us feel alone. Be accepting of your peers. Celebrate their talents and help them address their limitations. Everyone is working hard.  Lend a hand by making them feel they are not alone.

Welcome to Student Affairs — How can we help you?

Michael Luciani
Dean of Students
Strauch Family Student Center, 213