What to Do in a Medical Emergency

A medical emergency is defined as any unexpected event which threatens the safety of life, limb, or maintenance of a previously normal state of health.

In the case of any medical situation or emergency, please notify Michael Daley, Director of Health Services or other on-call medical resource as soon as possible. The Health Services phone number is 802-387-6753 or 802-387-6302. They can also be reached through Cindy Brown at 802-387-1636. Please provide the following information:

  • The name of the student
  • Describe specifically what is happening (is the person bleeding, having chest pains, a seizure, etc.)
  • Give the specific location of the individual having the emergency.
  • Follow any and all directions the Director of Health Services may give you (return to the student, call 911 immediately, bring student to Health Services).

In the case that Health Services is closed, or otherwise unavailable to respond to a medical emergency, call emergency services at 911. At the first available opportunity, please notify Campus Safety or a member of the Residential Staff.