Health Services does not have its own pharmacy. Students can fill their prescriptions at any pharmacy in Brattleboro or Putney.  Hotel Pharmacy in Brattleboro delivers daily to Landmark College, and they submit insurance for payment electronically.

What are options to get prescriptions refilled?

There are two different approaches, each of which has plusses and minuses:

Continue relying on the prescribing physician at home.

  • Preferred when you have an established, positive relationship with your prescribing physician.
  • Preferred when insurance benefits limit provider choice and/or out-of-state provider access.
  • Requires planning ahead for appointments to coincide with visits home.
  • Requires making arrangements to have prescriptions filled at home pharmacies and getting them mailed.
  • Requires understanding your physician’s availability in case you have to report concerns or problems—or secure a refill prescription

 Establish a relationship with a prescribing physician in the Landmark area.

  • Preferred when your current prescribing physician cannot continue with medication management.
  • Preferred when you cannot get the support mechanisms in place to have prescriptions filled at home.
  • Requires planning and scheduling ahead.
  • Requires verification that both the physician and services are covered by your insurance, if benefits are a consideration for you

Area Pharmacies  

The Hotel Pharmacy
20 Elliot Street
Brattleboro, VT 05301
Phone: 802-25402303
toll-free: 800-449-2303
fax: 802-257-0023
See the specific section for Landmark College on their website

Putney General Store & Pharmacy
4 Kimball Hill Road
Putney, Vermont 05346
Phone: (802) 387-4692









Hotel Pharmacy Prescription Delivery

Whether a student has a prescription from their doctor at home or is prescribed medication during a visit to Health Services, it is sent to Hotel Pharmacy with the student’s insurance information and delivered to Health Services (Student Center, 2nd floor) for the student to pick up.

Note on Prescription Co-Pays: Students are responsible for coordinating their own payment of co-pays for all prescriptions obtained through the Hotel Pharmacy. To have co-pays charged to a credit card, students or parents should contact the Hotel Pharmacy directly to set up an account with their payment information.

Frequently Asked Questions

How does the Hotel Pharmacy delivery program work?

Hotel Pharmacy is an independent pharmacy in Brattleboro providing service to Landmark College students. Private physicians, as well as Health Services clinicians, can send prescriptions to Hotel Pharmacy. There is one delivery per day, Monday – Friday, between 2:45 p.m. and 3:30 p.m. There are no deliveries on weekends. Prescriptions are usually delivered the same day depending on the time of day they are received by the pharmacy. Students will need to have an account set up directly with Hotel Pharmacy to charge prescription co-pays to a credit card.

Can my doctor at home call my prescriptions to Hotel Pharmacy?

Any U.S. physician or Health Care Provider with prescriptive privileges can send or call in prescriptions to Hotel Pharmacy. All prescriptions must be on tamper-proof pads. Controlled drugs, such as stimulants for ADD require a hard copy prescription. Faxes or copies will not be accepted.


Health Services
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